I'm Faiz Azizan

Lazy Marketer. Dev & Data.

About Me

Read Carefully And Slowly. Take Your Time.

Digital Marketing & Data.

Acquire worldly wisdom and adjust your behavior accordingly.

What Services I'm Providing

Focus On Company That Have Marketing Team Only.  Please Don’t Ask For Ads Service.

Data- Driven Digital Marketing Consultation

Take A Look First. Don’t Rush 👇👇

Personal Expertise

Search Engine Optimization

Rank Thousand of Keyword since 2012. Keep Building SEO Blog until now. 

Paid Advertising (Performance Marketing)

Already Consult 8 figure brand portfolio with 7 figure ads spending per year.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Uplift CRO for Many Ecommerce (Local Brand) at least 30% Grow MoM.

Data Analysis

Improve Your Business Process By Running Data Analysis. 

Web Analytics

Measuring & Enhanced Web Analytics Data. 


What My Clients Says

Past Performances Does Not Indicate Future Result. 

Stay In Touch

Kindly Reach Me If You Have Any Question Anytime.